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"We created a company that is based on expressing love to our pet family members through quality natural products that will keep them healthy, whole, and happy."

Three former college football teammates have teamed up to tackle what is often an issue of life or death for pet owners: ensuring their dogs get healthy, natural treats.

Adrian Archie, Claude Diggs and Jermaine Slade have known each other for more than two decades, beginning when they played for the University of Richmond. After graduation they remained close, with each residing in a different state yet using the same work ethic and passion that drove them on the football field to become successful businessmen. 

Adrian followed a three-year professional football stint with a 10-year successful run in corporate America before opening PetNmind, a store based in South Florida that specializes in natural food, treats, supplements, supplies and accessories that meet the highest quality and processing standards.

Claude, who also played football professionally, has called Richmond home for the past two decades and has spent the majority of his career as a successful sales executive in healthcare

Jermaine brings first-hand knowledge of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. When he’s not working as a sales manager in the healthcare industry – a position he’s held for the past 17 years – he can be found in the gym working out.


Now, with each of them having achieved success individually, they are teammates again, with the purpose of providing man’s best friend with the healthiest treats on the planet.

"We created a bond 22 years ago and have nurtured it since the day we met. We put the same nuturing love into every bag of treats that goes out of the door. The world needs more love and even as former football players, we are not afraid to express love to everyone around us, especially to pets and their parents."

Through their business, they’ve applied lessons they’ve learned through their friendship to start a business to help four-legged friends and educate consumers that a healthy pet is representative of its owner.

At their core, Claude, Adrian and Jermaine are husbands and fathers, dedicated to a simple lesson when it comes to what you put in your dog’s mouth: If pets are truly family members, why would you feed them something you wouldn’t eat yourself?

For Jermaine, Adrian and Claude, there is no time like the present to start a Black-owned business. Instead of leaving their legacy in corporate America, they are blazing their own trail – one that will show their wives, children and community that a healthy path is always the one to travel, regardless of how many legs you have.

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