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Why Feed Your Pet Holistic Pet Food?

by Adrian Archie on November 10, 2020

Pet parents are those individuals who really care about their pets, they are always taking them to the vet for their checkups, always taking them for a walk in the park, they regularly bathe them, and feed them the proper food they need. It’s these individuals that consider their pets more than just animals, they consider them as part of their family, like a baby is to a mother, so is a dog to an owner. If there is one thing that makes a dog or cat happy, it’s the quality of the food that they eat. When your pet is getting the proper nutrition they need, it will be noticeable, your pet will have more energy, have a longer life span, and their immune systems will benefit also to protect them against harmful diseases. This is why holistic pet food is a top selling point in the pet food and supply industry and for petNmind.

The Benefits of Holistic Pet Food

Holistic pet food takes care of your pet’s entire body and well-being. Healthy, quality nutrition can help to treat many ailments such as skin conditions, allergies, joint problems and intestinal diseases. A holistic diet will improve the overall health of your dog or cat. Holistic pet food can offer the following health benefits:

  • It supports the immune system
  • It facilitates easier digestion
  • Helps prevent diseases and illness
  • Increases your pet’s energy
  • Can help to maintain a healthy weight
  • Strengthens the body (muscles, bones, etc.)
  • Strengthens organs such as liver, heart, intestines, stomach

These are some of the great benefits holistic pet food offers and pet parents are responding. They are becoming more educated about these health benefits and are turning away from cheap pet food that have synthetic fillers and artificial flavors.

Knowing the Difference Between Holistic and Low-Quality Pet Food

Feeding your cat or dog holistic food verses feeding them low quality pet food is like eating at a nice restaurant verses eating at a fast food chain. Lower quality pet food options focus on low-cost production costs which result in lower quality ingredients. And similar to people, when poor quality food is consumed, overall nutrition is poor and general health suffers. So, when your cat or dog are fed diets filled with poor quality ingredients and excessive fillers, the results will soon begin to show.

Pets that are fed low-quality food may appear to have dull eyes, a flat non-shiny coat, a lack of energy, excessive defecation, flatulence and digestive issues. These symptoms (when not caused by another mitigating factor) result in your pet not receiving adequate levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Excessive defecation can also be the result of excessive levels of food fillers or an inability to process specific carbohydrates such as corn or wheat. On the other hand, a dog or cat that is being fed a high-quality food (whether holistic or not) will be much happier and healthier.

How Much Does Holistic Pet Food Cost?

Just like human food, you get what you pay for in most circumstances. Holistic foods are made up of higher quality, and more often than not, human grade ingredients which often times makes them more expensive. To add to the low quality of ingredients, quality control is generally less important overall which can lead to mass food recalls which is something pet parents don’t want to deal with. petNmind knows this very well and that is why they only stock their store(s) with holistic and all-natural pet food products because petNmind cares about pets and their health. Holistic dog foods are foods that are balanced. Not only to provide dogs and cats with optimal nutrition, but to also support their overall well-being. Ingredients are selected with their unique purpose in mind. Whether it is to provide high levels of fatty acids or to include more digestible proteins. Since every individual dog has different nutritional needs, there is a significant degree of variation among types of holistic dog food blends.

Is Holistic Food the Way to Go?

Pet health is a big priority for pet parents because they want to see their animal companions strong and healthy. Yes, holistic pet food is more expensive, but in the long term, it pays off because holistic pet food offers much nutrients per pound than regular pet food and this will be noticeable once they start getting into a holistic diet. Holistic foods typically claim to contain additional ingredients that give your pet’s health system an extra boost. The belief is that an imbalance can cause a range of problems throughout the body’s systems. By targeting the whole body, holistic foods aim to promote balance between individual systems to allow for increased maximum potential for overall health and well-being.

In the pet food industry, it is the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) that establishes the nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods such as that with Holistic pet foods and this is why these types of foods are being bought by pet parents everywhere. If the alternative is to buy the other guy, the regular old pet food that has artificial flavoring and synthetic fillers, this is a no-brainer, pet parents are more likely to buy holistic pet food because of their benefits and because they know it’s going to do good to their pet.

What does this mean for the Franchisee?

This new trend in the pet food and supply industry for holistic pet food presents a great opportunity for petNmind franchisees. Since more people are being educated about the benefits of holistic pet food products, more and more people are buying them and this presents an amazing opportunity to capitalize. If you are interested in investing in opening your very own petNmind retail store and have a love for pets, then this is the perfect franchise for you!

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