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I have 7 dogs and all of them absolutely loved the peanut butter and jelly treats! They came packaged perfectly and in a timely matter – highly recommend!! - MILK “The Smiling Pom”


Molly was used to her typical Milkbone treats but she knew when she saw these bags it was something delicious! She would immediately sit and wag her tail while she waited for a treat! She loves these and I love that they’re all natural! -Nikki C.


I ordered the Duck Quacks treats for my rescue Pitbull, and she loves them! They are all natural, so they are perfect for her. And, my favorite part was the customer service. Our treats came with a handwritten thank you note. Very, very cool. I would definitely recommend SmallBIGDog for your dog’s favorite treats!!! -Natalie R.


My dog LOVES all of the Small Big Dog treats, especially the Banana Crunch! It’s nice to know I’m feeding him quality ingredients that he actually enjoys. We’ll be a customer for life. – Adriane G.


Highly recommend Small Big Dog Naturals. Charlie, our lab, goes absolutely crazy for the Love Bites. Claude is knowledgeable about the products and has outstanding customer service. I love knowing that I am providing a quality treat for my dog while supporting an amazing neighbor. – Melissa P.


Our little Stella and Madden happily recommend these healthy, quality treats! Love Bites don’t last long around here and the Chicken and Pineapple are another favorite. They both literally do tricks for the Banana Crunch – who would have thought they would love bananas so much!?? – Jera Marie B.


My dogs loved these treats! They did all their best tricks for a Banana Crunch or the Chicken and Pineapple treats. It was nice to read a very short and all natural ingredients list. I mean, a human could eat these if they choose. 😊 – Hannah J.


I’ve tried multiple dog treats and my girl Brilla’s favorite is from Small BIG Dog, Duck Quacks, Chicken and Pineapple and the Love Bites…would recommend to anyoe who has a dog to try and they wont be disappointed. – Crystal H.


As soon as I opened our first bag of Small BIG Dog treats, our dog came sprinting. They smell THAT good, and clearly they taste even better, because she’s only gotten more excited about them with time. She loves them! And, as a devoted pet parent, I feel like there’s a lot to love. The ingredients are quality, and are listed right on the bag; the packaging is beautiful and practical, so it makes a great gift AND the treats stay fresh; the treats come in a range of flavors and sizes that work for everything from training to spoiling my pup. On top of that, this is a small business run by people who simply love dogs, which is evident in everything from the quality of their products to the sweet note in my package written TO my pup!! So cute. We cannot wait to try more of their products! – Natasha K.


I love smallbigdog naturals because of its amazing products. Clean healthy ingredients for your fur babies. Most treats have a list full of ingredients, so you can’t even pronounce or worse, that are actually harmful for your pet. These treats are so clean, a human could eat it! My Harley and Cat woman (a cat) both enjoy these treats! Pumpkin Hearts is their favorite flavor! – Silvia L. “Vegan Chef”


My pup is loving your treats! 100% It feels good to know I’m giving my dog natural healthy treats that he loves. Trinity M.

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